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Self Mastery Meditation Journey


Learn the skills to connect with yourself as consciousness in 10 weeks, while using the mind resistance as your teacher.

Enrollment closes in:

Sign up Closed on September 29!

with Eva Beronius

If you’ve been practicing self-inquiry, mindfulness, and changing unconscious beliefs at the core, you already know that stepping into the observer and changing your relationship to your mind is a key component.

You’re probably already aware that trying to change your thinking from inside an identification with the mind gives very limited and short-lived results. You’ve most likely experienced the frustration of circling back to old emotional reactions and thought patterns for the hundredth time.

I know that I don’t need to educate you on the benefits of a regular meditation practice for establishing an observer point of view where you can bring calmness to your mind and emotions. And how it can allow you to operate from a whole different motherboard and have completely other experience of life and your own being.

But you might not know that operating from consciousness...

Comes with so much creativity, joy, and ease

This is your natural state. This is your home. It's effortless. You will navigate from a completely different seat than that of the mind.

Brings a whole new level to changing beliefs

From the seat of consciousness you have a source of endless acceptance and self-love. Something that the unconscious program of the mind has been waiting to experience and rest in.

Is completely different from anything imagined by the mind

That's why so many people lose motivation or give up on the desire to establish themselves as consciousness. The mind is telling a story about it that can never mirror the experience of it.

Even though you have a deep desire to connect with yourself as consciousness,
the road to really establishing yourself operating from there seems to be anything but paved out. 

You might have found yourself downloading a meditation app with the best intentions to get started. You sit down and are ready to dive deep. And the first thing that happens is your mind starts wandering. It doesn’t seem on board with your mission at all. And you get frustrated. And restless. And feel like a failure. Now your experience with meditation is connected to something frustrating and painful – who would want to spend time on that?

Or you started a practice, and it’s coming along, but you feel like you’re missing those deeper benefits people are raving about. You keep wondering if you’re doing it right. You know that there’s more and want to go below the surface layers.

Then you go watching Youtube videos and attending workshops, but you seem to get somewhat conflicting or vague guidance. Like “Let go of your thoughts” and  “Simply allow your thoughts to be there.” Which one is it? And how the heck do I even DO that??, you might think. And then: “These people giving advice have obviously not been inside my mind…”. The lack of clear guidance on navigating the resistance and getting to where they point to just makes your mind more confused. 

This is the point where most people give up on their deep desire to purify the experience of consciousness because their minds are making up reasons for it, often to protect them from the pain of potential failure.  

Why do people give up or never get started on their desire to connect with consciousness?

We don’t want emotional pain. We try to avoid it at all costs. Our belief systems are built around trying to protect us from it. If we feel we might fail, and that is associated with shame and feeling worthless, our unconscious will make excuses about starting or back out of something the moment it becomes difficult or confusing. 

If meditation seems hard or has the potential of failing, we won’t do it.

The good news is that you can navigate past this resistance, and the best is yet to come.

There’s so much left to explore, and the fun lays ahead.

Your mind WILL put out ideas and images that are obstacles in the way. If you have a map for them, you can navigate that resistance and turn the obstacles into growth opportunities.

Your Conscious SELF is already there waiting for you. You can connect with your core.

IF you have a clear understanding of the purpose of certain meditation practices and how to break them down, 
AND if you’re aware of the traps:

Five common reasons why people give up on their desire to connect with consciousness

(And why you don’t have to!)

1. They are not ready for the mind game

If you expect to have blissful moments and a calm mind the first time you sit down for meditation, you're in for a surprise. Expectations of what a meditation practice should feel or even look like is a huge obstacle. When the idea of meditation is not met, the mind experiences the gap. This often feels like a failure or like the practices are "not working." Belief systems will activate to protect from the pain of failure with suggestions to "quit" or "try something else."

If you're given the guidance "Let go of your thoughts," but without a practical technique to do so, the mind will easily get confused, start making excuses and get bored.

If you're not aware that this will happen, and that this is the nature of the mind, you stand a very small chance to observe it and keep practicing.

2. They are looking inside the mind, or with it

You're not likely to get guided into a deeper experience in a meditation app or a Youtube video. Your mind needs to understand WHY you're doing the practice and then get good guidance on HOW to get there. That's why a roadmap to the skills you need will be very valuable to get the mind onboard.

HOWEVER. The experience of consciousness does not happen inside the mind and can not be experienced with the mind. You need guidance in exploring other means of perceiving and awareness to realize there is more to you than the mind. Connecting with your body, breath, and practices for sensing instead of thinking will be helpful.

3. They are identified with the mind and not ready for the motivation drop

When you set out on this quest, the mind will likely be very motivated by the idea of the positive outcomes and the great life you’ll live. You’ll think that this is YOU being motivated. Later, the initial high wears off because the mind produced it. Yet you are supposed to keep doing the practices even when it seems to come with no immediate reward.

Your mind will get bored and start looking for other motivation highs: another program, another solution, something new and shiny. If you KNOW that this is your mind operating from an unconscious program, you can let it do its thing while you keep doing the practices from a deeper desire and yearning.

4. They believe it might not be possible for them

Too often, Consciousness has been assigned to gurus, monks, and yogis and connected to a lifetime of meditation practices in monasteries and caves. It doesn't seem like something for the single dad or the hard-working nurse. This is just an idea, a belief, about what it's possible for you, and it holds no truth. This idea will be in the way of setting a clear intent and focus. Because one of the most important steps is that you believe it is possible for you.

You ARE already consciousness. You can never not be. It's been within you all this time, and it hasn't been touched by suffering, hurt, or drama. It is only a matter of motivation and a good roadmap to gain awareness of your Self as consciousness.

5. They think they'll casually try it out

When we half-assedly (Is that word? Otherwise, it is now!) think we'll "check it out and see", we're usually staying in an old protective mind program that's afraid of failing and want to "play it safe". Don't invest or expect too much and the fall won't be that far.

The problem is that this belief program won't allow you to invest much enthusiasm, motivation, and intent either. It will be in the way for your deeper wanting.

You need to desire this and be willing to sit through the resistance, mind-chatter, and uncomfortableness, to fine-tune the instrument of your attention. When you desire it, believe it's possible for you PLUS put time into the practices you WILL reach that door inside and connect to consciousness. 

I want you to know...

Even though meditation is growing in popularity, few people are getting to the core of it. They get stuck in the identification with the mind and don’t know that the experience of consciousness takes place BEYOND THE MIND.

To get to consciousness, you need to know what to expect in terms of resistance. Your mind needs treats to keep going, balanced with a step-by-step guide on how to expand OUT from it.

And that’s exactly what I’d love to guide you through.

Introducing the online journey:

Beyond the Mind

The meditation practices you need to experience yourself as consciousness

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned for the past ten years in my meditation practice combined with the Self Mastery work and turned it into a meditation course for motivated practitioners to go deeper than the regular meditation app or single technique workshop.

From my training with world-known teachers from different traditions, thousands of hours of my own exploration, and guiding clients, I’ve picked the practices that will take you more efficiently into the expansion of consciousness – together with the understanding of why.

This course is the first of its kind that:

  • Addresses the resistance with understanding why it’s there and how to move past it
  • Breaks down the steps of expanding your awareness and diving through the layers of the mind
  • Balances scientific research in neuroscience with activating your inner knowing
  • Combines the benefits of meditation with inner work of taking apart your unconscious beliefs
  • Gives you practices to do on your own as well as live sessions with group meditations and answers to your questions

Our Journey Beyond the Mind

The Initiation

September - December 2020

10 weeks of powerful meditation journeys, weekly practices, and Live Sessions.

INTRO: On sign up

Designed to prepare you and get the most out of the course. You'll have a clear intent with your practice and know how to let go of limiting beliefs and expectations if they show up. You'll have a good understanding of the effects of meditation on your brain. Leave this chapter feeling prepared and motivated for the journey.​

Chapter 1: A deeper understanding of relaxation

October 3
You'll learn why it's important to shift out of survival and high-stress state - not just for your well-being but for accessing other brainwave states. And the practices to do so.​

Chapter 2: The Force of your Attention

October 10
By seeing your attention as a powerful force, you can build the muscle of moving it around to different parts of your being. This will begin shifting you out of your thinking mind to the observer state. This muscle needs exercising to prepare you for the coming modules where we will expand our attention and shift the quality of it.

Chapter 3: Who is Observing?

October 17
Now that you have a better hold of your attention, you'll use it to turn your attention 180 degrees to observe the observer. We're deepening the realization that you are more than your mind and getting familiar with that bigger sense of yourself.

Chapter 4: Body Connection and Sensing

October 24
To go deeper into awareness we need to shift out of thinking and into sensing. This will help you access parts of yourself beyond the conscious mind. You'll explore the relationship to your body and build a new one of trust and listening. 

Extra Week Break

Chapter 5: Qualities of your Attention

November 7
Now you're ready for new attention skills. You'll receive a practical technique to shift between narrow and open focus. It will give you an important reference to what shifting into awareness feels like in the body/mind.

Chapter 6: I AM

November 14
Here you'll be deepening your sense of self as consciousness. How can you sense and perceive yourself non-phenomenally, as awareness? You'll be expanding your attention to the heart of your being.

Chapter 7: No-thing

November 21
You'll get the opportunity to identify and let go of limiting beliefs and fears about letting go of old attachments to identity. Realizing that the ego is merely an idea made up of thoughts. You leave this chapter feeling less afraid of letting go, and sensing the freedom in that.

Extra Week Break

Chapter 8: Connecting with your heart

December 5
You'll be connecting to the part of your being that will help you connect to the world. You'll learn about the electromagnetic field of your heart, coherence, and how to "open your heart" - activating and directing the force of this field for connection and heart-brain coherence.

Chapter 9: Connecting with everything

December 12
From nothing comes everything. You'll understand more about life force and that you are it. Connecting through your heart, the void, and as consciousness allow you to expand to include everything. The whole ocean in one drop.


Community support and access to me

Throughout the course
On top of the practices you get access to a top-of-the-line community platform with our own exclusive are for all the Beyond the Mind members. In there you can read posts, share your insights and ask me questions. Access your practices from your browser or an iPhone/Android app.

HOW TO: Build your self-guided meditation practice

December 12
You'll get guidance on setting up a regular practice that can evolve as you keep growing. This will include using the skills from the course chapters as building blocks to customize and optimize your meditation practice for you. Now you'll be more than ready to continue the journey!

One month follow up: free support and live sessions

January 2021
Free access to our Pathfinders alumni group during January. This will give you time to catch up on practices and keep asking questions. Try out the monthly live calls and see if this is something you want to keep doing in a group setting.

Consciousness Interview Series

Throughout the course
Interviews with people about their journey to access consciousness. I'm asking regular magical folks how the experience of consciousness feels inside of them and how they got there.

And then what?

Grounding in the experience of yourself as consciousness by practicing what you’ve learned.

Practice on your own or in a group

February ->
If you want to stay in the Pathfinders group with monthly themes and weekly practices, you do that with a reasonable monthly subscription fee. You can ask questions and participate in monthly live sessions.

Live Sessions Schedule

The course signup closes on September 29. You will receive Chapter 1 on Saturday, October 3rd and the first Live Session is on Sunday, October 4th. Each Live Session happens at two different time slots, over Sundays and Mondays, to fit most everyone’s time zones.


10am Pacific US | 1pm Eastern US | 7pm Central Europe
(Monday: 4am Melbourne | 6am Auckland)


9am Central Europe | 6pm Melbourne | 8pm Auckland
(Sunday: 12am Pacific US | 3am Eastern US)

"Beyond the Mind was so much more than what I ever dreamed possible. The meditations opened me to profound perceptions and experiences of being, and helped me grow past important limiting beliefs. The material in the course is fantastic."
Martha H

Still not sure what you’re signing up for?
Meet the Beyond Money Guarantee.

In chapters 1 and 2, you’ll already know how to relax your nervous system and feel you have much more awareness of your attention. If you realize at this point that you’re NOT getting the results you’re hoping for, then email me or send me a DM in the community within 14 days of course start, and you’ll get a refund, less the 6% processing fee. (I will only keep what will cover the processing for your credit card payment, which is $24 if you pay in full.) Read the full terms and conditions here.

Hear it from course participants

Overall satisfaction with course content (4,8)
"For the first time in my life, I met with myself. And I liked what I encountered!"
Danko M
"This course has helped me quiet my mind and see there is more to me than just my thoughts. Also learned to take time out of my day to spend with myself."
Jim W
"I believe the direction of Beyond the mind is one of the best in the world. Extremely professional and advanced, very advanced."
Mark W
"My initial intent was to be able to identify beliefs with help of meditation, but got completely new knowledge, about heart, the void, and much more..."
Primoz S
"I can sense, at least in a rudimentary way, consciousness in me and beyond. That was a huge development."
Mike R
"This course has provided me with a new way to experience meditation by taking me outside of myself to a place where I can feel both safe and capable to positively change my mindset."
Norm D
"You make everything so wonderfully approachable, with the way the course fits so well together and your open, friendly manner so free of judgment and supportive of folks no matter what our struggles are. Thank you!"
Liz B
"Amazing ! So love filled with each module more expansive. Current brain science, beautiful meditations and woven with emotional character support."
Kathy K

Sign up open September 16 - 29

Join the journey Beyond the Mind

This course is a combination of self-study practices to dive into on your own, and live sessions with guided group meditation and discussions. If you miss the live session, you can watch the recordings. I will be present in the online community group to answer your questions and give you extra guidance.

What you’re getting

Total Value = $3700

Plus the BONUSES

Total Value with Bonuses = $5600

Your investment

One time payment

More savings

Everything listed above

3 monthly payments

More flexible

Everything listed above

Some countries outside the US will add sales tax on check out.
If you need other payment options, email

Already a member in the Self Mastery Community?

Enrollment closes in:

Sign up Closed on September 29!

What people asked before signing up for Beyond the Mind

That most likely means that you didn’t have one or a mix of the following things in place:

  • An honest expectation on what to experience when trying meditation
  • A clear intent on what you wanted out of it and the knowledge to get there.
  • A roadmap on what you needed to practice when in the process.
  • A plan to set up a regular practice that will give you the changes you want over time.
  • A successful way of turning obstacles and resistance into opportunities for practice and growth.

New neural pathways are created with repetition. If your first meditation experiences were connected with a feeling of boredom, restlessness, or overwhelm, then it’s not likely you’ll sit down again. More likely, belief programs of your mind have come up with reasons NOT to try again to protect you from uncomfortable emotions – with the effect that you probably won’t take on overcoming those initial reactions.

Good news: you’re in the right place. I won’t let you miss out on the benefits from meditation from a programmed belief – and neither should you. This course isn’t just a meditation workshop. It’s the roadmap to a successful meditation practice that teaches you what to practice when and build skills over time. You also learn to identify limiting beliefs that show up and what to do with them, so they don’t stop you. 

I’ve designed this course to be completely adaptable to where you are, both with the level of experience with meditation and with your calendar. A common play by the inner judge is to compare us with an ideal of where we should be. Instead, this course is guiding you to start exactly where you are and build from there. I guide you through setting up a practice that works for you. I have clients who do a 5-min-meditation on the bathroom floor after brushing their teeth. If before you did 0 minutes of meditation, and now you do 5 minutes, that’s a win that will have an effect on your brain.

Also, notice how your mind’s belief program in this question is trying to project a past experience feeling on a future event. Underneath is likely protection against the feeling of failure. You’ve felt disappointment and failure before when not completing a course or not seen change, and the judge is warning you of feeling that again. The only way he/she knows how to do that is by stopping you from starting, and that’s probably not how you want to live your life.

You’ll get guidance on how to inventory and see these programs of beliefs as you do the course because I’ve had plenty of them myself. The game afoot is to use them as opportunities for growth.

Yes, and it’s good if you’ve meditated as well. Like I described in the previous answer, the course is adaptable to your current level of experience. If you already have a practice that you want to deepen, you’ll get help with expanding and focus your practice and to get to the core of the meditation experience.

If you have never meditated before but are aware of the benefits and want to access them, this course will help you start from the beginning and set up a sustainable, regular practice.

How can it help with both? Because I’m not teaching you a single meditation technique. I’m teaching you an approach to meditation that has a much bigger chance to stick with you.

What you do need is a level of self-awareness to observe your minds programs or the willingness to build that awareness through the practices.

Yes. And for anyone who’s got a brain and wants to make it work more efficiently, and has a longing to feel better.

Meditation can be a spiritual practice, but it’s also a practice for your emotions, mind, nervous system, focus, and attention. Meditation will bring your brain into coherence when done well, which means your brain will get more done with less effort. You will think clearer, make better decisions, and have creative ideas as well as being able to observe and regulate your reactions in different life situations.

I’m all about taking the woo-woo out of practices and show you how they really work. Sometimes I’ll do that with knowledge and understanding and, most times, by bringing you into an experience on your own. So that the effects of meditation are not just theory for your intellect, but alive and true in you, without words.

There’s nothing religious about this meditation course. Instead, I’m guiding you to step out of concepts and dogmas about what meditation should be and look like. But there’s a lot of heart, soul, and freedom – things that are shared by us all as humans and connect us rather than divides us.

When it comes to the sitting still part, you will get guidance to be curious and explore restlessness, boredom, and other reactions to meditation. I want you to have agency and direct your focus at your own will, and not let impulsive reactions run you. This will happen over time with practice.

Also, there’s a lot of freedom in the practices I teach. You’ll get to set up a practice that actually works for you. That might be walking meditations and short practices to get your nervous system accustomed to new states before you feel comfortable enough to sit for your meditation practice.

This course consists of practices you need to experience yourself as consciousness. I have studied many different techniques with different teachers over the course of ten years. The more I practice, the less important the names are and what’s left is the beautiful and powerful core of what I want to experience with my practice.

In this course, we’re dropping the fancy names and going right to the experience we’re after. Instead of going to a meditation workshop teaching you one specific technique, you’ll benefit from a mix that will:

  • Exercise your focus and attention
  • Teach you to shift the quality of your attention
  • Deepen the experience of yourself as the observer
  • Teach you the hacks to shift your brainwaves
  • Connect you with your heart
  • Experience more parts of your being
  • Experience yourself as consciousness

Some of the participants will notice changes during the course, and for some, it will take a longer time. It all depends on your starting point but ALSO, how you’ve been programmed to measure results. If you’re someone working through a big obstacle with focusing, getting past that might be your big take away from the course. Is it a failure because you didn’t experience what you might have been expecting (yet)? No, you’re actually exactly where you need to be. If you set out to experience yourself as consciousness and a bunch of stuff shows up along that way – that is EXACTLY the stuff that you need to be present and curious about, and that will get you where you want to be when you learn to be with them. What you might see as obstacles are really the keys that will unlock your doors of progress.

This course will teach you how to deal with those obstacles efficiently. Also, there are worksheets provided where you track and measure changes you experience so we can measure progress in a smarter way that your inner judge might do.

And then, when we reach the end of the course – the only thing that’s finished is me providing you with new approaches. This is where your journey begins, and you have access to the course material indefinitely (and can download audios to keep for yourself for a lifetime). Now you can go back and spend time on the things you need to practice more. The roadmap is laid out and for you to walk and revisit. There is also a follow-up group with weekly practices to take part in if you enjoy and benefit from more guidance and the group setting.

However, if you realize that this course is not for you within 14 days of the course start (which will have given you the introduction plus the two first chapters), then email me. I’ll give you a refund on all of your investment except the $24 that the credit card processor keep to themselves. 

Expressing something wordless in words will, of course, never fully reflect the experience itself, but I’ll do my best to answer. Experiencing consciousness (or God/truth/life force/divine/oneness…etc) for me is:

  • like coming home
  • everything and nothing at the same time
  • love at its truest essence
  • limitless
  • joy
  • a knowing without words
  • all-encompassing
  • peace
  • I am
"Your live sessions helped keep me fully engaged and full-on enthusiastic about the course. You have an amazing way of helping people relax, feel they are not being judged, and eager to try new things. Thank you. Thank you."
Martha H

You're ready for the journey into consciousness if you...

That journey goes inwards, and that’s where this course is taking you. Not by adding layers but removing beliefs in the way and pointing you to practices that will bring you a new experience of yourself, beyond the mind.

There might have been glimpses of unconditional love, of a sense of connectedness, or something bigger than you, inside of you. That woke you up to the possibility that there is more to you than meets the eye. You want to connect with and grow that experience, and you want to access it at will.

In this course I’ve included practices that will satisfy your souls wish to go beyond the mind. Practices that we normally would teach at events to give a deeper experience of consciousness. 

This is not your common meditation workshop, app, or YouTube video. I’ll guide you on what to practice when so you’ll build the skills needed for the long term benefits. You’ll get guidance on overcoming resistance, measuring progress, and approaching the course, already in the introduction module. I’ve set this course up so you’ll have a good meditation experience PLUS learn to navigate the learning process.

I got you covered. I’m teaching you how to build a practice that lasts by connecting it to joy and curiosity rather than struggle, punishment, and guilt. I’m also taking away concepts and dogmas about what meditation should be so you have the freedom to explore it in a way that works for you.

By practicing your focus and observer mode, spending time shifting your brain activity and brainwave frequency (like we do in this course), any personal development or inner growth work you might be doing will benefit you, and you’ll see faster results in other areas of your life.

With this course’s practices, you can shift your brain into a more harmonious way of functioning. That will quiet the mind chatter and make you feel more focused and creative.

Exploring on your own or with the help of books, videos, and single workshops can be wonderful. Still, sometimes you wonder if other ways would take you deeper into the experience, or faster past obstacles and resistance. In this course, we’re really getting to the heart and core of meditation with clear practical steps.

And are willing to put attention and energy on it.

You know this is your opportunity to do things differently than all the other times in your life. You are ready to meet what has felt scary before, only to realize that when met and welcomed it wasn’t as bad as you had dreamed it up to be.

Did you nod your head at 2-3 of the above?
Then you’re who I had in mind when I created this course. This is your journey.

Hi, I'm Eva

My name is Eva Beronius and I found the Self Mastery work several years ago, after I’d tried different forms of therapy without getting the results I wanted. I soon started combining the Self Mastery work with meditation, somatic experiencing and other practices which accelerated the progress and changed my life completely. From a state of depression, PTSD and panic attacks to joy, peace and excitement about life, and a brain in coherence.

I’ve been leading Self Mastery Courses in Sweden, teaching retreats and workshops around the world and guiding people through online courses. I’m the founder of the highly praised online meditation course Beyond the Mind and co-founder of the Self Mastery Community.

My skills in both strategy and artistry have been combined in my work where you get to connect with a deeper sense of yourself, but in a way that the mind can be on board and understand why.

I’m looking forward to guiding you into the skills that made it possible for me to go Beyond the Mind and operate from consciousness.

Connect on Instagram or Facebook

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