#79 Why you don’t see reality

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Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#79 Why you don't see reality

You don’t see reality. Nor do you even hear noises as they are. Instead, your brain is creating a simulation of sight and sound.

There is all the talk about meta-verse worlds and that this world might be a simulation. I’m talking about something like that, but not like that. This isn’t a “maybe it’s a simulation world”. In this podcast, I explain that you are creating a virtual world in your mind, and your brain tricks you into the illusion that it is outside of you. It’s a bit mind-bending to explain and to understand.¬† I try to break it down into steps I hope you can follow.

Here is a diagram as taken from https://www.metaphysics-for-life.com/mind-over-matter.html

Except that final image you see.. is actually rendered in 3 dimensions and appears as if you are seeing the outside world.