#35: Sexual performance anxiety

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Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#35: Sexual performance anxiety

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety can cause a lot of stress in a relationship.

Sexual performance anxiety creates guilt, shame, and fears, that corrupt the emotional connection and can lead to and disconnection. In this podcast, I outline what goes on in a man’s head and some of the core beliefs at the root of the issue.

At the core of sexual performance, anxiety is the fear of failure, rejection from our partner, and self-rejection.

These expressions take place in our minds and affect our emotions. When we are caught up in these core beliefs of rejection our attention becomes so focused on these beliefs and emotions that we are no longer present with our partner and sexual experience. At that point, it is difficult to get aroused when what you are focused on is the beliefs in your head and the emotions they are producing.

In order to change this dynamic, it is necessary to identify and change the beliefs causing projections in our imagination and to unhook our attention from them and focus on what we are doing with our partner and our self. This shift in our mental state is all parter of better awareness and mindfulness.