#31: Miguel Ruiz and The Fifth Agreement

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Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#31: Miguel Ruiz and The Fifth Agreement

Interview with Miguel Ruiz about his book The Fifth Agreement 
Don Miguel Ruiz talks about the book, The Fifth Agreement. It is a follow up and completes the teachings he started in The Four Agreements. In this interview he talks about how the belief system of the creates a virtual reality, judgment day, human sacrifices going on today, how we distort love, having respect for your self, how to use doubt to question your beliefs.

Miguel also shares about the development of his son, Don Jose Luis, and his intense passion for the truth that inspired him to write the book together. As well as how they both experienced his heart attack and how he was facing death without fear.

In short the Fifth Agreement is “Be skeptical, but learn to listen.” However just having this agreement doesn’t serve you as well unless you have the context of why it will lead you towards inner peace and happiness. In The Fifth Agreement Don Miguel explains the structure of language, and how from language we create symbols in our mind to explain experiences of life with our rational mind. He calls it knowledge. Over the years that language of symbols becomes alive in our mind and takes on a life of it’s own until we can not even stop our own thinking. We end up with a voice in our head that we can not control. In the process we lose the experience of inner quiet and peace. When you learn to be skeptical you take your faith out of all those symbols and recover the joy of peace and quiet in your own mind.

A link to Amazon.com where you can purchase a copy of The Fifth Agreement