#62 Overwhelmed with Emotions – Why am I so Angry?

The Awareness and Consciousness Podcasts with Gary van Warmerdam
Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#62 Overwhelmed with Emotions - Why am I so Angry?

Have you ever been overwhelmed emotionally? Most of our emotions are created by our belief system. But sometimes, in cases of real physical threat to ourselves, or someone close to us, our emotions are no longer from our mind or beliefs. Our sense of survival is driven by physical and nervous system instincts that are millions of years old. Those automatic survival responses can over ride any conscious efforts of our attention and put us into raging anger, grief, fear, or freeze responses.

If you have done a lot of awareness and conscious development, you can stay present while your limbic system and nervous system do their response. It might take everything you have to refrain from acting out on your overwhelming anger or frustrations.

Afterwards our rational mind and belief systems get back on line. When this happens our belief system might generate thoughts about what just happened. The inner critic (Judge) usually has something critical to say about how poorly we handled that. However it has no idea of the real source of those emotions, where they came from, and why. In essence, your Judge is stupid.  Listen to this podcast to get a better understanding of those deeper survival emotions and how deeply wired into our system they are.  It goes back millions of years.