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The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz is a book that invites you to challenge your fear-based and limiting beliefs.  To adopt the Four Agreements is to take up a war against the critical voice in your head and agreements in the mind that create unhappiness. Taking up this challenge is to follow the path of a Spiritual Warrior to your own personal freedom.

While the teachings of don Miguel Ruiz are simple, they are in no way easy. Many people attempt to practice The Four Agreements only to become overwhelmed at the number of times they take things personally. The inner judge in their mind often ends up judging them and theyfeel like a failure instead of effectively changing their agreements.

Numerous times people have asked me, “I’ve read the book, but what do I do now?” Or, “Isn’t there something else that I can do to assist in not taking things personally and integrating these Four Agreements?

The answer is yes.  The teachings published in Miguel’s books are only a small percentage of the techniques and tools that he shared with me and over my 12 years of personal study. Based on his guidance and years of coaching other people, I have developed a system of exercises to help people integrate living the principles of the Four Agreements. If making the shift to not taking something personally is like jumping up a flight of stairs in one leap, the Self Mastery Audio Program are the steps that make the climb.

By utilizing the lessons of the Self Mastery Program you will have many tools and techniques to make changes in your life instead of just 4 principles.

The practices I developed provide you with the techniques to recover personal power, shift your point of view, master your attention, and stop emotional reactions. The exercises in the course combine to build the self awareness that make it possible to stop taking things personally and live more impeccably.  You get detailed instructions in how to identify, inventory, and dissolve limiting fear-based beliefs in the mind.   The inventory of old agreements that we carry around in our mind is what don Miguel outlines as the next step for people once they decide to adopt the Four Agreements.

"So the next step is to develop awareness of all the self-limiting, fear-based, beliefs that make you unhappy. You take an inventory of all that you believe, all your agreements, and through this process you begin the transformation." pg 107 of the Four Agreements. by Miguel Ruiz

Learning how to take an inventory is only one of the benefits in the Self Mastery Audio Program.  I've also included in the audio program what to do when you find these agreemehts.  More importantly I've included what pit falls to watch out for and how to avoid them.  In the beginning it is more important to refrain from certain things but this isn't written anywhere. These sessions cover the first several months of practices that I teach my clients.  If you are intersted and commited to real change in your life then you may want to begin with the free sessiosn in the series.   They are steps derived from 12 years of study with don Miguel and then honed with my own clients over years of finding out what worked and didn't work for people. These specific practices and techniques are not written in any of don Miguel’s published works.  What's more is that I've translated them into common sense language.  Each step may seem simple, but they not only become more involved, they also combine to work together as a system.  How this powerful approach comes together only becomes near the end of the program when you are integrating all the steps together.

Don Miguel’s Four Agreements were never meant to be the only techniques available. The exercises in the Self Mastery Program provide practical actions to take that integrate these powerful principles. If you have found the Four Agreements to be an insightful and helpful book, and you want to take action and integrate them into your life to create Love, and Happiness in your relationships, then add the tools and techniques in the Self Mastery Audio Program. 

The first four sessions are available free.

What a couple of my former clients have to say.

I've been reviewing the recordings quite a bit, and every time I listen, there is a new aspect that I am able to pick up on. Thank you so much, I would never have imagined that I could enjoy my life as much as I have been.
Susie B.

My work with Gary has been the most transforming and rewarding experience so far in my life. His wisdom and ability to communicate the necessary steps and guidance at the appropriate time, has truly blessed me. My relationships with those around me, but most importantly my relationship with myself, have transformed to levels, I never knew possible. The physical, emotional and creative state of my life, have reached levels, I had never dreamed. I can not recommend anything more effective, to anyone looking to transform their life. I express my deepest gratitude for the changes Gary has brought into my life.
Dan G.


This isn't pressure sales.  Take your time to read some articles and by all means listen to some of the free audio.   Here are two of my podcasts that relate the material from the Four Agreements.

How To Stop Taking Things Personally mp3 audio (28min)

Some Hidden Assumptions mp3 audio (30min)

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