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A Practical Guide for Changing Thoughts, Beliefs, and Emotional Reactions.

A guide through the Self Mastery Course by Gary van Warmerdam.

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How does our emotional mind work? Why does it generate thoughts and emotional reactions that sometimes drive us to self-sabotaging behaviors? What if you could change the way your mind works? More than just telling yourself to think happy thoughts, it is essential to first develop an awareness of how the different parts of your mind operate.

In a powerful and practical way,  Mindworks  explains how our beliefs are socially ingrained, playing a leading role in our emotional state and the behaviors that follow.  You’ll find simple, consistent and easily achievable practices for developing new skills to dissolve the old beliefs that create unhappiness.  Living a life free of emotional pain allows for possibilities of a more fulfilling and peaceful relationship with yourself and everyone in your world.



Gary van Warmerdam is the creator of, an interactive website with lessons for changing beliefs that drive negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Since 2001, Gary has been lecturing, leading retreats, and coaching individual clients in making changes in themselves and in their relationships so they can live happier lives. He lives in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife, Lisa.

The Self Mastery Course: Practical Tools for Getting Rid of the Emotional Drama in Your Life
  • Stop Emotional Reactions
  • Change Core Beliefs
  • Quiet the Criticizing Voice in Your Head
  • Develop Communication and Respect in Your Relationships
  • Create Love and Happiness in Your Life
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