$100 - Spiritual Journey to Mexico 2013

13 1/2 hours of mp3 audios from the Mexico retreat to Teotihuacan.

These 20 audios guide you through many of the practices and processes of the week during the Mexico Spirital Retreat of 2013. While it is not possible to duplicate the entire experience of being there, you can benefit from the recordings as they do a great deal in providing you with a transformational process that you can do on your own each time you listen through these sessions.

You will have immediate access to all 20 audio's from this retreat and can go through them on your own schedule multiple times. The audios include guided instructions on ceremonies, lectures, discussions, questions, and meditations during the week long spiritual retreat. This isn't the total of what we did during the week, but through the audio's you will get deep insights ino the process and and some valuable techniques to apply to make changes in your life.

There is not a refund available for this product. This product is only available to individuals who have purchased the Basic Series.

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