Connect and Find People in Your Area

Please see the Help menu for details on how to use this resource. Feedback can be left in the Website Feedback forum. General communications can be made in the General Discussion forum.  This section of the website can only be accessed by paid subscriber.

Start a correspondence and perhaps meet up for coffee, or tea, or a blended spinach, kale, carrot, wheat grass, mango smoothie with coconut milk. Use the groups and forums for community communication. The general forum is available to everyone.

It is early and we are just setting this up so not many people have listed themselves yet.   So check back later and see as more people join.  This is not a public forum.  The only people that can access this contact area are people signed up for the Self Mastery material.  Those doing the Free Trial series do not have access,  so you will only be contacted by people with a similar depth of interest.  If you don’t want to be contacted, then simply don’t list your location.

While no one can be in our inner world while we are on the journey and wrestle with our inner demons, false beliefs, and emotional reactions, we don’t have to do it alone.  There are many others traveling the same direction at the same time.  This is the place to meet up and connect with those like minds, support one another, and most of all,,, have fun.

This is the beginning of this community.

Be kind and respectful.

Laugh more, at our selves.

Let’s see how this works.

Thanks,,,, Gary