Zion National Park Utah Retreat

Awakening Consciousness and Creating Love
Sunday April 21st – 26th 2019

Zion Park Retreat Mindfulness


This journey is an opportunity to let go fears, doubts, limiting beliefs of the past and to quiet the critical thoughts in your head. You will be recovering your personal power and reclaiming your emotional integrity. These ideas may not mean much without the experience to relate them to. So to more simply put, it means letting go of what makes you unhappy, and embracing the love that is inside of you. When you do so you begin to see possibilities for you’re your relationships and your life you previously couldn’t imagine.

Your guide through this 5 day intensive is Gary van Warmerdam.   Gary will facilitate the experience through rituals and processes taught to him during his personal study with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love”.

Zion National Park is a place of extraordinary beauty that naturally pushes your heart to open to emotional integrity and love.

When we let go of our limiting beliefs and false self images of the mind we also drop the emotions of fear those thoughts carry. Freeing your self from your mind makes it easy to align your body, mind, emotions, and Spirit in integrity.   Enjoy this unique yet ancient experience in a place of amazing beauty.

Location: Zion National Park

We will be having evening class the first night in the Bumbleberry Inn in Springdale UT. The hotel is located near the entrance to Zion Park and will allow us quick access in the morning. You can also arrange your own lodging in the area or camp.

Dates: April 21st to 26th 2019.

Starts Sunday at 7 pm.

We will finish before noon on Friday so you can make your departure flight plans accordingly.
Please note that Utah is on Mountain. If you are arriving at Las Vegas airport you will lose one hour in the time change getting to the event on Sunday evening. You will also have that extra hour available to use getting to your flight on Friday’s departure. This year is a schedule change from previous years. I have added a day to the event, and made it during the week to avoid the crowds. This also allows people to extend their trip on either side to see some sites of their own if they wish.


The Narrows. Where you can hike in the river below 1500 ft cliffs


Lodging: A block of rooms has been reserved at the Bumbleberry Inn.  PH 435-772-3224.  Ask for the rooms under Gary van Warmerdam ($138/night plus tax) and includes breakfast. We can help find a room mate if you wish to share a room.

Camping is also available if you want to reduce your cost. Inside the park or a private campsite just outside the entrance to the park.

Fee: $600
Fees cover workshop instruction, facilitation, ceremony, and park entrance. Fees do not cover lodging, food, or transportation to and from the event.

Food: There are many locations nearby for breakfast. If you are staying at the Bumbleberry, breakfast is included at the restaurant next to the hotel.We will likely have lunch at the lodge in the park.  You may want to bring snacks and water with you when you head into the part for the day.  We will sample the various local restaurants for dinner.

View from observation point overlooking Zion Valley

Getting There:  Zion National Park is located in Southern Utah.  Your options are to drive there.  If you are flying into the area the nearest airport is Las Vegas NV.  It is a 2 1/2 hour drive to Zion from Las Vegas.  There is also an hour time change into Mountain time so plan your flight so you arrive on time for the class Wednesday evening.

We will put you on a shared google doc and you can perhaps arrange a car pool.  You may want to rent your own car and have room for another, or you can ride with someone else who has already arranged a car.

Schedule while there: I’ve written up a rough itinerary including the hikes we will be doing during this retreat.

We couldn’t have thought of everything that everyone would need to know and put it on this page.  So go ahead and email me and ask questions.

Take a moment and read what some participants have said about their experience of the Zion Journey.


Journey to Finding Your Authentic Voice


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Zion by definition:

1.  A place or spiritual community regarded as sacred.

2.  An idealized, harmonious community; utopia.

3.  A place inside of you.

4. Find your own personal experience of Zion.