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Spiritual Journey to Ancient Mexico

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    Journey into Self Awareness and Divine Consciousness

    The Spiritual Journey is for you if you are serious about increasing the amount love and happiness in your lives

    Coming to Teotihuacan is like coming home to a place you belong. The unconditional acceptance and love is a warm welcoming that keeps giving long after you leave. It isn’t just the consciousness opening experience of what was once a great Spiritual University, but it is the heart opening experiences with others as well.

    How could traveling to a foreign country and walking around ancient ruins make you feel at home? “Home” is a feeling. It is a feeling of being completely accepted just the way you are. Through various contemplative meditations and ceremonies, you work your way into a state of consciousness where the voice of the inner critic doesn’t exist. You also grow a feeling of love and acceptance with others that allows you to drop the worries about what others think of you. Continue reading

    Nobody cares about what you have done in your life, or what you haven’t done. We don’t care about what happened to you in the past as it doesn’t determine your value or worth. We only care that you leave it behind in a process of letting go so you can be present with who you are now. We care about whether you are happy, feeling love, and self-acceptance. And we care about doing things that purge out the fear, false beliefs, and judgments that interfere with an internal state of happiness.

    I noticed that when I left home and went to college that there were many groups that I could join. There was a catch though. I could belong if I believed what they believed. I had to do the things they did. To be a part of a community I had to give up my identity, the right and ability to think and freely choose. I had to accept their value system, interpretations, and perspective, and then they would accept me and be my friend. It was on a Spiritual Journey such as the one to Teotihuacan that I discovered that I could be accepting of myself just the way I was, and that I could accept others just the way they were as well. It was on a

    Journey that I found others could accept me just the way I was.

    I have taken that feeling from those journeys and brought it inward and grown it. I’ve since come to feel I belong in the world without having to subjugate myself to someone else’s opinions and belief system. You get to be you, and you have every right to feel you belong in this world just the way you are. It is this sense of peace and calm in oneself that we all seek, and when we find it we feel we are home. This is the feeling inside of you that the Spiritual Journey to Teotihuacan brings out. You all have it inside you, just buried in various layers of fog-like stories. In these Journeys we have ways of uncovering that fog and bring out the Unconditional Love.

    When you create or find, that sense of peace within yourself you no longer worry about finding the right person. You no longer worry about losing the partner you have and being alone. You have a sense of peace and calm with yourself that allows you to be happy with you. In the ceremonies in Teotihuacan we shed the beliefs and fears that interfere with feeling peaceful self-acceptance.

    We do a lot of hard work clearing away our false beliefs, emotional reactions, negative thinking, and sabotaging behaviors. We have a strong intent, and a good track record that you will be a changed person when you board the airplane headed back home. It’s just that we aren’t hard on ourselves as we do it. A compassionate accepting environment allows us to get it all done, gently, and fast. We also balance out the work with bountiful amounts of healthy food, friendship, laughter, and play.

    Consider taking a Journey inward and finding the Love that makes you feel at home with yourself.

    I hope to see you there.

    October 11 – 17 2020

    Arrival: Plan to arrive at the Mexico City airport before 3:00pm Sunday. We will have an early dinner and Class will begin that night.  The formal teachings will finish with a ceremony and processes early Friday afternoon. Then we relax and enjoy the afternoon and evening, fiesta,  finish any shopping and rest before our Saturday departure.

    Departure: Plan for your return flight to depart after 12 noon on Saturday if possible. If you need to return on an earlier flight, arrangements can be made to get you to the airport when needed.

    Taxi ride to the airport outside the normal arrival and departure window will incur additional fee of approximately $60 US.

    A typical day:

    7:30 Optional yoga/body time/meditation
    (Everything is optional as we respect individual choices as some people like to sleep in a bit more.)

    8:30 Breakfast

    9:45 Depart and walk to the grounds.
    Several hours mixed with contemplative meditations, ceremony, discussion, emotional processing, and teachings.

    2:00 Return to the Dreaming House Hacienda

    3:00 Large home cooked meal of excellent food

    Then have some free time on your own to rest, reflect on the day’s process, journal, get a massage, socialize, shop in town, or check your email on the wifi.

    6:30-8:30 Evening class at the Dreaming House

    After class we have a light dinner/snack and share with others about the day, and the journey.

    There may be some variations to this, but this is a good guideline of what to expect for a typical day.

    Lodging will be at the beautiful Hacienda we call “The Dreaming House”. We believe in making our physical bodies as comfortable as possible on our journey. I don’t believe in suffering in order to gain spiritual growth or happiness. It just goes against the overall goal of enjoying your life. If you do not have a room mate, and opt for a double occupancy room, a room mate will be assigned. (This is what we mean by “double occupancy”).

    Gary van Warmerdam has led numerous Spiritual Journey’s to Teotihuacán over the years. His experience in guiding these journeys comes from 20 years of personal study with don Miguel Ruiz. Miguel Ruiz is a Medical Doctor that studied the spiritual traditions from Mexico as well as traditions from around the world. He is also the best selling author of “The Four Agreements”, “The Mastery of Love” and “The Voice of Knowledge”. Gary’s experience and teachings from his Mentor are both extensive and profound.

    The ancient Toltec city named Teotihuacán means “where humans awaken from their illusions and realize their Divinity”. Teotihuacán (Teo) was designed and built as an ancient mystery school for teaching spiritual philosophies and practices. The students of this school became spiritual masters and their teachings influenced the culture of the Maya, Aztec, and other civilizations. Teotihuacán is 40 miles Northeast of Mexico City, Mexico.

    The Pyramids at Teotihuacán are the largest pyramids in the western hemisphere.  They are larger than Chichen Itza. The base dimensions of the Pyramid of the Sun is roughly equal to the base dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

    The weather in Teotihuacan in October will be very comfortable in the 70’s (F) during the day. Low’s at night will be in the 50’s. There is sometimes a chance of showers in the afternoon. The elevation is about 7200 feet with nice mild weather throughout the year. If you want to check the weather you can look up Mexico City and you will have a good approximation of how to dress.

    $1495.00 (USD)

    The price includes double occupancy room, food, water, entrance fees, ceremonies, teachings, and ground transportation to and from the airport for the scheduled times. It does not include your airfare to Mexico City, alcohol, or transportation to the airport outside of scheduled group times.

    If you wish to have your own room a a $300 surcharge applies.

    The Integration Course – October Dates TBD

    We are offering an add-on course to support the spiritual journey to Teotihuacán, where you will get time and support to process the shifts and revelations you have experienced during the past week. For many the spiritual journey is powerful and we might feel like a new person by the end of it. Returning home to our everyday life can be challenging. How do we make changes that we feel are necessary when bills need to be paid and friends and family still play by old patterns? The Integration Course is a follow on process to integrate the changes smoothly.

    Details of dates and times for this portion are being planned now.


    How to sign up

    Mail or scan and email in the Application, Health Statement, and Assumption of Risk forms.

    Make deposit or full payment by check or Paypal.

    PDF download: What to Pack

    If you do not know the flight details because you have not purchased your ticket, you can still reserve your space by sending the deposit and follow up with the flight information later.

    It is suggested that you take out Travel Insurance. You can use this site Allianz to purchase it online. They have a package for around $100 that covers things like trip cancellation, medical evacuation, lost baggage, travel delays, etc.

    You will need a passport to travel to Mexico. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the trip dates.

    Make the payment

    Please make final payment by October 2nd. Exceptions can be made for late signups.

    Mexico Journey

    Make checks payable to Pathway To Happiness LLC or Gerard van Warmerdam

    Send to:
    Pathway To Happiness LLC
    PO Box 435
    Lompoc, CA 93438

    In this audio I’ve attempted to answer some of the common questions that people ask about the spiritual journey, and my approach to guiding people. I also clarify what I mean by ceremony, ritual and Dreaming and how I use these practices.

    One of the most common questions people ask is; What happens on a spiritual journey? That can’t be answered because for each person it will be different. However, there is a much more important question to ask. What do you want to happen on your journey?

    What fears do you want to be rid of? What core beliefs and thoughts do you want to change? What do you want your relationships to feel like? How much love and joy do you want to experience?

    Through the focused intent of spiritual ceremony and practices we open the doors for changing your beliefs and your relationships with the world. What you do with your opportunity on this journey has more to do with your desire and courage for change than with the format. How much will you allow your fears to hold you back? How much will you allow your desire and inspiration for love and happiness propel you forward?  These are the questions that each person must ask and answer themselves. We honor your right to create the change you are seeking. We provide the tools, practices, and supportive environment.

    Extension Option: Integrate the Spiritual Journey

    Taking Teo home – this event was incredibly successful last year and so we are offering it again.

    “The Integration course definitely provided me with tools and techniques I am using to move my journey forward at home. I think if I had gone home right after Gary’s course I would have had a harder time incorporating the lessons into my regular life. The impact of Neil and Eva’s course has been profound and I am only just starting to reap the benefits of all the practices I learned from them.”
    – 2018 participant

    When: Dates TBD
    Teachers: Eva Beronius and Neil Björklund

    Common Questions

    Yes, this trip can be for you.  You can be as private as you like. There are no requirements to share. You could spend the whole week in silence and do the process as a silent retreat. You are invited to be a part of every process, but not required.

    We offer a process, and respect how each individual wants to do it. 

    If you want to go off on your own at different times, or not show up for a class, you are free to do so.  All we ask is that you let your group leader know so we know you are taken care of and not looking for you when you don’t want to be found. 

    You don’t have to share about your own process. You are allowed to be as private as you wish. It is entirely optional. 

    We open up sharing opportunities during the day, or at evening class. Often someones realization or question helps another person with some issue they were wrestling with.  

    However we are very careful to steer away from what would look like group therapy sharing.  That is not the path or processes we work with. You are more likely to be invited to spend parts of the day in silence, or to be guided inward for deeper self inquiry. 

    I recommend the events over any individual coaching. The amount of instruction for your dollar (peso, euro, crowns, or kuna, etc) go about 8 times farther at events in person. The exception to this is if you are working through trauma issues. If you are triggered into trauma reactions of freeze, or panic, then be more gentle with yourself and do coaching sessions, or work with a professional in this area. At these events, such as Mexico, we do many new and different approaches to challenge, change, and to move consciously past your belief systems. For a person recovering from trauma this may be too triggering to be helpful.

    The commitment involved in showing up, and the focused attention for several sustained days allow breaking through many more issues in a shorter time than you will do on your own. The processes are much deeper. Your connection and support in a group environment are more conducive to  learning and change as well. 

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