Sedona Arizona Retreat

A Vision Quest to Clear our Mind

March 14-18 2018

We often perceive the world through the lens of our emotions.If we are happy, the world looks like a beautiful place. If we are sad, the world looks like a terrible place.  The same applies to how we see or perceive ourselves. If we are happy and joyful, that is how we feel about ourselves. If we are angry, fearful, or jealous, we are angry and loathing of ourselves. In these few days we will work to strip away the layers of false beliefs and mind chatter that creates the fog over our perception.

The world is a beautiful place, but we need our mind to be clear in order to see it. We will use a variety of processes including contemplative meditation, ceremony, journalling, dreaming, discussion, and some good old fashion logic and common sense.

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Schedule as planned, and subject to revision:

(There may be changes due to weather)

Wednesday Evening 7pm – 9pm Opening Meetup and Class.

Thursday, Friday, Sat 9am We will depart the meetup point and go out to various sites on the land around Sedona. See below for the sites we will likely be going to. There will be a hike/walk to the location, a process/ceremony/discussion. We expect to finish the process and be back to our cars by 2pm. There will be time for a late lunch, rest, and personal time.

We will meet again in the afternoon at approximately 5pm, preferably on the land to observe sunset and continue the process. Evening class and ceremony will end between 7 and 8pm. allowing time for dinner at one of the many local restaurants.

Sunday in the morning depart at 9am. We will return to town earlier in order for people to catch departing flights from Phoenix that day. Plan to be back to Sedona around 1pm. Allow 2 hours driving time from Sedona to the Phoenix Airport.

The schedule is subject to change dependent on weather and other factors. The one thing we count on is finishing Sunday on time so people can make their return flights.

Sedona Retreat


Price: $450
Includes guidance, instruction, ceremony, entrance fees, and local transportation.
Not included is lodging and meals.

Weather in Sedona at that time of year averages 65 degree F. during the day and in the 30’s to 40’s at night. It is usually sunny.

Places in Sedona area that we plan to visit.
Shaman’s Cave, Devil’s Bridge, Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Crossing, Westfork Canyon, Cathedral Church.

I personally lived in Sedona and know the area. We will also be joined by Rick Sierchio, a friend and resident of Sedona for many years. He knows the area well. Rick is intimately familiar with the beauty and power that this land and nature has to offer.

Sedona is a unique place. Years ago the native Indians used the land for their vision quests and ceremonies for rites of passage. The felt the land too sacred to live on it, but would journey there for special processes. The sheer striking beauty of the colors and rock formations is enough to stop the internal dialog and quiet your mind. It is then that a new world opens up in your perception. In our processes and practices on the land we will take advantage of these openings of a quiet mind.

Sedona Retreat

The landscape of Sedona has been formed over millions of years. Slowly the waters from the rivers have cut through the sandstone to reveal the layers of the past. The blessing of this time scape is that it heightens our consciousness to our brief visit here on earth. This awareness, when so boldly presented, leaves our ego mind no choice but to shrink and acknowledge the silliness of it’s agenda. This is just one of the ways we will utilize the land to free our self from the ego mind.

Lodging: Los Abrigados Resort and Spa
We have reserved rooms at a wonderful resort. There are options for Studios, One Bedroom, and Two Bedroom accommodations. Rooms have a kitchenette and some have fold out couches to accommodate more people. You can book your reservations today under the group discount by following this link to Diamond Resort and Spas.   Be sure to use the promo code GPATHWAYH

For Reference:
Property: Los Abrigados Resort and Spa
Group Name is: Pathway to Happiness
Last Day to Reserve Rooms: 2/14/18
Nightly Group Rates:     Studio (3 available)-$179.00(Wed-Thur)/$219.00(Fri-Sat)
One Bedroom (2 available)-$199.00(Wed-Thur)/$239.00(Fri-Sat)
Two Bedroom (4 available)-$259.00(Wed-Thur)/$319.00(Fri-Sat)
o    *Rates do not include nightly 13.4% tax, $20+tax resort fee, or the $100 refundable incidental deposit (collected at check-in).
o    *Rates shown online reflect average nightly rate.

If you wish to have a room mate and reduce cost, contact me when you sign up and I will email you a google doc for ride shares and room sharing options.

About Rick Sierchio: “I feel deeply called to share and help facilitate the healing of humanity. I have traveled the path of transformation for the better part of my life. Formally trained in the oral tradition of Toltec Teachings and Mastery with Miguel Ruiz and the Ruiz family, as well using several modalities of emotional releasing, prepared me to share these life-changing teachings and tools with students around the world. Together let’s honor and respect the masculine and feminine forces that reside within each of us that are calling for a new world, a new way of relating. Shall we dance?”

Number of Persons

The view from Shaman’s Cave near Sedona. One of our planned stopping places on this quest to clear our minds and restore our vision of Life.