New to the Self Mastery Work? Live Introduction and Q&A

Join this free call with Gary and Eva if you are new to the Self Mastery practices and want to know how you can use it to change your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

What we will cover:

  • What Self Mastery is and how you can change unconscious beliefs at the core
  • Can Self Mastery help with my issues and what’s the next step?
  • What you can find in the Self Mastery Online Community
  • Ask your questions

You might have done the free Self Mastery Introduction Course and are curious about going deeper, or want to get started. This is a Zoom video call. You don’t have to share during the call, can keep your video off if you prefer and you can use the chat to ask questions.


Saturday 27th
9am Pacific US  |  12pm Eastern US  |  6pm Central European

60-90 min call, depending on questions.

How to join

RSVP and get the join link on Facebook


RSVP and get the join link in the Self Mastery Community (create a free account first if you are not a member yet)


Join the call via Zoom here