Trapped in the Abstract Mind

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I wanted to make a longer reply to a comment on the post about being trapped in the abstract mind and because of the length I made it another post.

The building, exploring, and cutting down models of reality that you speak of is all done with the abstract mind.   All this exercising the abstract mind is actually building layers and making it denser. The logic part of the mind that I call the reason, the part that tries to make sense of the world in terms of logic is becoming more dominant through its over use of abstract ideas. While you are busy building models and analyzing them the conscious observer is being lost in the storm. The reason part of the mind is extraordinarily good at creating and analyzing knowledge. However gathering abstract knowledge is not a path to Truth.

The type of thinking that got us in this mess will not get us out.

The intellectual mind most often pursues truth by going through knowledge. However, that search usually leaves the person seeking more knowledge. In it we become like hamsters in a cage of our mind. Trapped by a parasitic mind if you will. Refer to the book, The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz for this. But it is essentially the thinking mind that wont stop.

Knowledge is the typical path because that is what we learned and were conditioned to do in school. We were rewarded for it and it looks like it is the way to our reward based on our conditioning. The trap we have fallen into is that our socially conditioned mind is proposing the solution path out of the socially conditioned mind.

We can not free our consciousness from the trappings of knowledge in the mind by building more knowledge. Not to mention the amount of personal power that we have wasted in investing our faith in our conceptual ideas.