Outer Banks Retreat:   April 2nd - 8th   2017

Beginning Sunday Check in after 3pm.
Class the first evening after dinner.
Departing Saturday Check out by 10am.

Location: Nags Head North Carolina

We will spend the week in a beautiful vacation home on the beach (click for pictures) in Nags Head. Nags Head is located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. (To answer the all important question, there is WiFi in the house)

Retreat Focus: Your Happiness

It is a personal intensive in change. There will be a mixture of classes, meditation, exercises in letting go of emotional issues, identifying and changing core beliefs, group discussion, developing control over your attention and recovering personal will power. There will likely also be time for yoga and other activities. We will take advantage of the surrounding beauty of nature to relax and enjoy. In effect we combine a week away on vacation with a journey inward as the weather permits. The format is flexible however the intent is focused and unbending: Empty your mind of false beliefs and your body of toxic emotions and then filling up with truth and love.

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In last years intensive we delved into issues of relationships, family history, self worth, emotional mastery, letting go of the past, recovering will power, beliefs about our body, sexuality, food, exercise, and issues with religion just to name a few. Bring your agenda and we will incorporate it into the process.

We will also spend time during the week delving into relationship issues.   We will use relationships as a means to better understand our self and detaching from beliefs that cause us emotional drama. You can use the tools and exercises and apply them to family or people at work as well. Within the topic of relationships it is still about you. What are doing? How are you behaving? What emotions are you creating and feeling? Because relationships bring up our emotional issues they are an excellent opportunity to identify the core beliefs that are causing us drama.

This is not a workshop specifically for couples. The reason there is a special rate for "couples" is because of the number of king and queen beds in the beach house. Practices and activities through out the week are for individuals, and yet are strengthened when practiced with a partner.

A few thoughts about this event. I was very happy with the way the Outer Banks Retreat went the past few years. So much so that I am doing it again. We had pretty cold weather one year and put a limit on outdoor activities. However this turned into an advantage because we turned our attention intently inward on the beliefs and emotions we wanted to change. The result were great with people moving through a lot of limiting beliefs and emotions in a short time. People were grateful for the closely focused activities, the results, and camaraderie of peers, that resulted. The weather last year was beautiful, and allowed us to move some of these processes in the beautiful outdoors which was equally powerful. One of the most rewarding experineces is the time together with people with like minds and interests. Great connections and relationships are formed in this household community during the week.

The Daily Schedule

There will be focused personal work in morning, typically from 9 - lunch. The afternoon is a split between a class or class outing and personal time. We work the schedule to take the best advantage of the outdoors and the weather. Certainly we will take time to walk the beach, often using contemplative meditation practices. Some afternoons may include outings to the local nature areas such as the dunes, Kitty Hawk, or nature preserve. The intent for these outings might be for play and relaxation, or for ceremony and meditation. All plans are subject to change, often due to the weather. The evenings are likely to have long conversations around the dinner table.


Prices includes lodging, workshop instructions, and two meals a day (Breakfast, and either lunch or dinner). The third meal (dinner or lunch) will be at a local extablishment. We will be sharing in the meal preparation and cleaning as part of the weeks activities.

I've included the option for people to attend a portion of the week. As this event has grown in attendance, priortity will be given to those attending for the full week. If there is space remaining, individuals wanting to attend only a portion of the week will be permitted. If you wish to only attend a portion of the week, you should join the program at the beginning.

Not included: Transportation to and from the event and either lunch or dinner out each day.

Deposit: A $400 deposit is required to reserve a space.

  Shared Room Single Occupancy
(king or queen bed)
Full Week $1200 $1600 / week
Partial Week
Daily Rate
(two day/night minimum)
$220 / day
(if available )
$300 / day

Rates for Couples
Full Week Rate
$2000 / week
Couple Daily Rate
(two day/night minimum)
$300 / day (per couple if available)
Limited Space available and participants attending the full week will have priority.
All amounts in US dollars.

Make your payment now via Credit Card or Paypal:

Or send a check to:
Pathway To Happiness LLC
PO Box 3242
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

Getting There

As some people will be flying into the area we will attempt to put you in touch with each other and assist in arranging car pools from nearby airports. We cannot guarantee the availability of a carpool. We will do our best.

The closest airport is Norfolk International Airport
Located in Norfolk, Virginia, approx. 90 miles north of the Outer Banks.
Carriers: American, Continental, Delta, Independence Air, Northwest, Southwest, US Airways.


Possible outings to the surrounding area:
Beach right out the front porch for morning or afternoon meditation walks.

Jockey Ridge State Park) 1/2 mile away:

Nature Conservancy's Nags Head Woods

Wright Brothers' Memorial, about 1 mile away:


A personal journey of awakening to love, respect, humility, and compassion takes many steps.
Sometimes the most important step is to show up.

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