Exercises and Activities for Developing  Self Awareness

Self Mastery

How do your thoughts and words impact how you feel?

How do your emotions unconsciously drive your behaviors?

How do hidden core beliefs affect your happiness?

In the Self Mastery program you will be given the tools to identify fear based false beliefs and the tools to change them.

MP3 Audio How self awareness creates a path for changing your life (8min)

Developing self awareness doesn’t happen through reading books. It is through specific activities that we increase our power of observation. Below I give a brief outline of the material within each audio coaching session. Each session contains exercises to increase your self awareness, recover your personal power, and provide practices to make changes in the emotional quality of your life.

1.  Gratitude - Power and Emotion Exercise        FREE SESSION - Sign up
How much would you trade your eyes for? What are your legs worth?  Are you aware of the gifts in your life, or do you overlook and take for granted what you have?  When you learn to give your mind a new interpretation you begin to see an entirely different world. With this practice we become aware of our stories, point of view, emotions, and our power to create.

2.  Recovering Personal Will Power          FREE SESSION - Sign up
Some call it Personal Power, some call it Will Power. We have an extraordinary amount of it at our disposal. Unfortunately without self awareness we unknowingly expend it on self sabotaging agreements. This exercise brings your awareness to every word that comes out of your mouth, and every thought in the mind. If you expand on it you learn to see the agreements others live by as well.

3.  The Attention - Self Awareness begins with the Attention - Free Sessison
Mastering where we focus our attention and how we focus it is the key to our freedom. Most people try to make changes in their life by changing stories, beliefs, and emotions. This is like trying to steer your life by the tail. Before we can expect to consciously direct our life, we need to be able to consciously direct our attention.

4.  Finding Neutral - Notice the power of every word you think and speak. - Free Session
The world teaches us that we are more valuable if we have strong opinions. But it doesn’t teach us the emotional price that we may have to pay. This is a self awareness exercise you practice when communicating with other people. It can reduce conflict and foster respect in your relationships. You will find a whole new niche in which to practice Impeccability of your Word.

5.  The Autobiography - Writing Exercise to become the Witness Observer
One of the key points in detaching from the mind is to change our point of view. This is not something that we can think our way into doing. I created this very practical exercise because one of my clients was having difficulty getting out of an emotional story loop. It worked so well that I made it part of the basic tool set. It is a very simple technique for shifting your point of view out of the voice in your head.

6.  Acceptance - Shifting our physical state to change our attitude
The Acceptance practice is taught in this session with physical and physiological reinforcements. Learning it this way is much more powerful than a mental approach. This session will also help integrate the changes from previous exercises.

7.  Cast of Characters - Self Awareness and Observation
This furthers our process of stepping outside our old point of view. I’ve seen teachers do wonderful academic teachings about archetypes.  However the real benefit is when we develop mastery over these aspects of our personality.

8.  Banned Words - Breaking down judgments that separate us from joyful emotions. .
Words are powerful symbols. There are certain words that our inner judge and victim use to establish and maintain its place of power in our mind. In this exercise I will show you how to identify these words, and begin to eliminate them from your thinking and speaking language.

9.  The Emotions - What your parents and teachers never taught you about emotion.
This is the beginning study of your emotions. Your emotions determine what kind of day you are having. We determine the quality of our relationships and life by the emotions we are feeling. Our emotions are powerful forces in our lives. Our fears will keep us from doing the things we love, and our passion and love will inspire us to great leaps of faith. Yet, we have been trained from very young to repress our emotions.

10.  Archetypes of Drama - Deepening awareness and observation of our self.
After we have identified the cast of characters that run around in our mind and personality we go further. These characters are the key players in creating your emotional drama reactions and sabotaging behavior patterns.

11.  Implied and Imbedded Agreements - Power of our Word revealed.
Learn how to see the core beliefs and imbedded agreements behind the thoughs and words  you use. Most of our beliefs are hidden behind the actual words we use. If we are to become impeccable with our expression we need to be consciously aware of what we are communicating.

12.  False Claims of Power - The easy way to let go of guilt.
How often do we fear how someone will react to us? How often do we alter our behavior because we don’t want to upset someone?   When we have a history of reacting to others we live our lives for others and not for our self.  Knowing this is not enough. How to see behind the structure of this belief and change it is the valuable part of this session.

13.  Forgiveness - To forgive another is the most generous thing you can do for yourself.
Our forgiving others doesn’t redeem them, but it does free us from regret, judgments, resentments, and anger.   Cutting through all the excuses and beliefs about not forgiving is the key to make this easy.  What is more important is forgiving our self.

14.  Stopping the Internal Dialogue - How to quiet your mind if a few minutes.
I've seen a lot of advice written on this subject. Most of the self help techniques don't work on this issue for a number of reasons. I use to rely on don Miguel’s meditations and assistance to help me quiet my mind and feel peaceful. After practicing I was able to do it myself. When I began teaching I became thrilled that I could guide others to quiet their mind. Somehow that wasn’t enough. Through integrating various methods I show you how to quiet your own mind in just a few minutes.

The Program as a Package
In this program I've drawn together many different practices and made them practical. Together these exercises provide a comprehensive set of tools to deal with your emotions, beliefs and internal dialogue. They also spill over and will change the way you interact and express yourself in relationships.  As you go through the course you will be learning how to take an inventory of your beliefs and change them.

The program is also supported by conference calls that allow you to ask questions, and clarify how to apply the practices to specific situations.

"Your audio sessions are very helpful to us (wife and I). When something comes up for us we refer back to them for clarification. The gentle way you explain things is non-threatening."
                                                                                        Frank A. in Arizona.

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