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Being happy is easy.  The challenge is eliminating all the emotional reactions and beliefs in the mind that create unhappiness.  You don't have to teach happiness.  We knew that as children.  It is our nature to be happy.  All that is necessary to learn is how to shed the unwanted layers of emotions and false interpretations that have covered over your authentic self.

Conference calls provide a place where you can gain greater insight in applying exercises in the program to your life situation, and get some feedback on how to deal with the changes that are happening.  Ask your questions and get insight from a different point of view. On these calls I am willing to field most any questions you have relating to eliminating fears, sadness, angry etc.  Eliminating the emotional drama is what makes becoming happy easy.

" I am enjoying the conference calls.  I am learning so much from others."
Frank A., Arizona

Happiness is Simple
Happiness by itself is pretty simple.  There aren't a lot of complex formulas or criteria to meet.  Observe children and they will teach you this. Simply express love and you will feel the change in your emotional state.  However, while simple, it is not something we have practiced.  Instead we have spent years training our mind to believe in reasons to be disappointed, sad, angry, and afraid.  The result is that we express those emotions instead.

To become authentically happy you will not only have to learn to express love, you will also have to dissolve all the reasons and justifications for being angry, disappointed, sad, and afraid.  This is the challenging part.  Not impossible, just challenging. 

The Self Mastery Course: Practical Tools for Getting Rid of the Emotional Drama in Your Life
  • Stop Emotional Reactions
  • Change Core Beliefs
  • Quiet the Criticizing Voice in Your Head
  • Develop Communication and Respect in Your Relationships
  • Create Love and Happiness in Your Life
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