Coaching Sessions in mp3 Audio

The Pathway Audio Coaching Series consists of 14 MP3 audio coaching sessions that you download and listen to at your convenience. Each session provides you with specific action steps and exercises to change the emotional quality of your life. This is not a hypnosis course.  Life is much too important to leave control of it in the subconscious.  The series provides you with common sense methods and exercises to consciously address:

* Changing your perspective and your emotional state.
* Stepping back from the conflicting thoughts in your mind and conflicts with others.
* Actions to regain your personal power and use it to implement change.
* Methods for finding and changing core beliefs.
* Changes in your communication to create respect in your relationships.
* How to create peace and quiet in your mind, even when there is chaos in the world.

Self Mastery

The content and impact to make changes in your life simply can’t be duplicated by reading books. If you read a book you give it an interpretations from your existing belief system.  That is not an path for rapid change.  That is why I chose to do this course in audio you can listen to with meaning included in the tone, attitude, inflection, and emotion.

The First Four sessions are Free and can be downloaded with no financial risk.
The following 10 Coaching Sessions are by paid subscription over four months, or a one time payment of $99.00.  There are two weeks between each paid session that allow you to practice and integrate the material. Every two weeks you are sent the access codes for the next session. With the access codes you download the next audio session.  It is important that you have this time between because of the internal integration.

As an added bonus I also provide periodic conference calls.
These calls allow you to ask questions, gain clarifications on the exercises in applying these practices to your life.   Many of your perspectives and behaviors may change and have ramifications on people around you. We can use this conference call time to address issues that come up as you make changes in your life.

Price for the Audio Coaching Sessions
You pay four monthly payments of $33.00, or pay a one time fee of $99.00 and save 25%.  If you are not satisfied with the course you may cancel anytime by sending us an email with your request.

$1,500.00 worth of instruction for $99.00 
My clients in the past would normally pay over ten times the amount of the course to be personally coached through the same sessions.  Even at that price they have often said that the benefit to the quality of their life far exceeds any money that they could have spent.  An added benefit over my personal clients is that you have a copy of the session that you can listen to at any time. 

Some people might consider this a long time and a lot of money to commit.   I don't do quick fixes.  I guide people through long term permanent changes.  Look at what you are learning for the benefits they will bring to you the rest of your life. You are learning the skills to change your core beliefs, point of view, and emotional state about circumstance in your life.  How long will you benefit from these self mastery skills?  The rest of your life. If you look at the benefit to your life over the years to come the return far outweighs and cost.

The challenge in making a decision to invest in your emotional happiness is that the decision might be swayed by the critical voice in your head and the fear of making  a bad choice.  Isn't his thie kind of fear that you would like to be rid of?  When you consider that the first four sessions are free, there really is no risk to trying it out.  

To sample the first four sessions free go to Free Session Signup

The Self Mastery Course: Practical Tools for Getting Rid of the Emotional Drama in Your Life
  • Stop Emotional Reactions
  • Change Core Beliefs
  • Quiet the Criticizing Voice in Your Head
  • Develop Communication and Respect in Your Relationships
  • Create Love and Happiness in Your Life
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