The Self Mastery Course

An online program for Mastering the Four Agreements.

While many people have read, The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz and understand its principles, they struggle to find a way to put them into practice.

“Are there specific tools or techniques that I can use to better implement the Four Agreements?”

“Is there a practical step by step process that breaks down what to do and in what order?”

The answer is yes. You’ll find a toolbox full of practical techniques in how to stop taking things personally and being more impeccable. The Self Mastery Program has mp3 audios that give you step by step guidance in WHAT to do so you can make the changes you want.

Why the Self Mastery Program works

- Teaching Experience: Self Mastery was developed by Gary van Warmerdam, who personally studied with don Miguel Ruiz for over 15 years. He has years of practical experience in guiding people to apply specific exercises in order to eliminate their negative thoughts, emotional reactions, and sabotaging behaviors.

- There is an Order to Learning. Finding and changing your fear- based beliefs is a skill. It doesn’t happen just because you have a desire or you try hard. Learning any skill, like swimming or driving a car, means you will need to develop some fundamentals and then build upon them. The Self Mastery course gives you simple exercises so that you learn the fundamentals and integrate them so that they become automatic.

- Time to Practice: Most books or courses fill you up with information. In truth you don’t need more information. What you need in order to change agreements is to take specific actions to dismantle the negative beliefs in your mind. The Self Mastery course provides the action steps and then gives you time to practice before giving access to the next audio. This keeps you from being overwhelmed with information that you can’ t use.

- MP3 Audios Make Learning Easy: The Self Mastery course is a series of mp3 audios that you download and listen to at your convenience. You can put the audios on your iPod, listen to in your car, or at the gym. It is an easy way to get reminders and deepen your practice that fits into your schedule.

- Variety of Exercises: One of the problems with our efforts for personal change is that our mind becomes bored and undisciplined. The result is that we sabotage our process and quit. Because each exercise in the Self Mastery program is different we avoid the boredom excuse. Some exercises you implement in conversation. Other exercises are physical that you do with your body to help integrate them. Some exercises involve writing while others that you can do on your commute while driving. Because of their variety we engage different learning modalities, and embody the exercises instead of just learn them intellectually. This is how real change is made.

There are many other factors that make the Self Mastery Audio Program effective. The list is too long to include here. Most importantly the program and exercises are accessible. The material is presented in common sense and practical language. The first few exercises are also accessible for free. Take a no risk free trial of the first four exercises and find out if the program makes sense for you. You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes before trying them and you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it. I feel you shouldn’t have to buy an online product without checking it out as well. If you decide that there is value in the material, then you can purchase the remaining 10 sessions of the Self Mastery Program for only $99. If you decide that it is not for you, then you’ve lost nothing.

If you are interested in changing emotional reactions, quieting the chatter in your head, or want to change some core agreements, so that you can live a happier and more peaceful life, the Self Mastery Program is an obvious choice. Take advantage of the practical guidance from someone who has traveled down the emotional path from misery to happiness and has a decade of experience successfully guiding others. When you consider that you can sample the audio and exercises without any risk, it’s an easy choice.

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A little more about Gary and The Self Mastery Program

The Self Mastery program was developed by Gary van Warmerdam. Gary studied personally with don Miguel Ruiz for over 15 years. He traveled with Miguel all over the world, and attended all of his advanced trainings. Gary has been teaching the principles and practices he learned from Miguel Ruiz in his own way, adapting and developing a program that people could use in a step by step way to identify and change their fear- based beliefs.

After years of working with clients, no matter their emotional reactions, beliefs, or behavior issues, Gary observed that all people seeking personal change needed to develop some basic skills if they were going to be successful. The first step to developing these skills was for people to gain control over their attention and begin observing the belief systems in their mind from a neutral observer perspective. Once his clients developed this perspective of awareness it became much easier for them to identify and change the agreements (beliefs) in their mind. As a person changed these agreements their emotional reactions changed and their behavior followed. Developing these skills in the right order is critical for success. That’s why the Self Mastery program includes several practical ways to quickly develop an observer perspective of what is going on in your mind. From there changing any belief becomes possible.

Gary developed the exercises over the course of 10 years and thousands of hours of working with clients. The material for the course developed out of a need Gary had for his clients to get results on their own in the days and weeks between their calls. Gary developed exercises that his clients could practice in their every day life. The experience of these exercises would build their awareness, and develop the skills they needed to identify and change their limiting beliefs.

What was originally going to be a workbook of exercises quickly turned into an audio program as download technology became available. There is enormous benefit to learning this material from audio that can’t be accomplished by reading text. Because of the way we communicate most of the meaning of words is relayed in tone, attitude, inflection, and even emotion. People can get much better value out of an audio program instead of a text book because there will be extra information in the spoken word.

Are you getting value?

If you were one of Gary’s earlier clients and were coached through learning these exercises the cost would have been over $1,400.00 USD. By ordering the Self Mastery course online you save over $1,300. And since you will have mp3 you can go back and listen to them as many times as you wish and discover nuances and deeper layers of meaning each time you review earlier material.

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